NetNordic installs Gigabit network at a hotel in Gothenburg

Together with its customer, the system integrator NetNordic chose the in:xtnd solution to upgrade the hotel’s IPTV and broadband services.

A boutique hotel in Gothenburg, part of a larger group of hotels, chose together with its system integrator NetNordic to upgrade its broadband with InCoax’s new in:xtnd solution with speeds of up to 2.5 Gigabits per second in existing coaxial networks. NetNordic will also use the in:xtnd powered network to deliver high resolution IPTV services to all the rooms at the hotel. The order covers a solution of a total of 98 rooms and will be delivered in March.

NetNordic is a Nordic independent system integrator focusing on solutions and services for its customers in networks, data centers, security, and telephony. With NetNordic Hospitality Solutions hotels can offer their guests solutions and services for a smooth hotel experience. NetNordic works with numerous solutions where in:xtnd can be a solution, e.g. technology for large hospitals and the offshore and shipping industry which are already using coaxial networks.

The customer and the planned installation represent a typical customer case where a hotel using InCoax’s new solution In:xtnd, wants to upgrade the bandwidth in a cost-effective way with minimal impact on the business and the building. A major advantage of in:xtnd is that you can reuse existing coaxial cables and avoid having to pull new cables or fiber to the individual hotel room, which means that the hotel does not have to shut down and lose hotel nights. The reuse of existing network is a good example of the environmentally friendly profile most hotels have today.

“We are very pleased that NetNordic has chosen to proceed with this first installation in the hospitality segment of our latest product In:xtnd and for discussions on other similar projects in the near future. We see increased demand for fast broadband for hotels,” says Håkan Rusk, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer for InCoax.

“We see great opportunities for a close cooperation with InCoax to offer In:xtnd as a broadband service which enables us to combine with existing offers from NetNordic Hospitality Solutions such as WiFi-/guest network and IPTV to several hotel groups,” says Bjørn-Erik Eskemose, Key Account Manager, NetNordic Communications.

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