InCoax offers Cost-Effective Fibre Extension Broadband to UK Housing Associations

Facilitating connected homes fast and without unnecessary spending is central in the InCoax market offer. This approach corresponds very well with the HACT mission to provide ideas for innovation in housing in the Social Housing sector. InCoax endorses HACT´s social value approach to connectivity and offers cost-effective broadband solutions for social housing.

Today´s smart homes will monitor temperature, humidity, water leaks, power consumption, monitor fire and burglar alarms, enable smart door locks etc. This saves cost and significantly increases the tenants’ comfort and security. Covid-19 has also clearly proven the need for internet connectivity for home study, work, social activities, and entertainment streaming. The need is very much the same for all citizens and, as part of social inclusion and personal development, should be made available to everyone. Living in social housing should not limit the availability of these services.

The good news is that limited funding need not be a showstopper. If there is a cable network in the premises, for satellite TV and/or cable TV reception, this can become the high-speed broadband network needed. You do not have to replace it with costly optical fiber installations to the individual apartments.

“InCoax endorses the Housing Associations´ Charitable Trust in their important work for inclusion and well-being of vulnerable groups in the community”, InCoax Head of Marketing, Sales and Product Management Helge Tiainen says. “We are cooperating with similar organizations in the US, where we recently helped deploy broadband connectivity to a large affordable housing complex in Austin, Texas. Tenants now have cost-effective broadband access that enables education, healthcare contacts and employment opportunities from home. Services that are hard to reach without the right technologies and high-speed internet connection.”

“We see InCoax´ fiber extension as a valid alternative to faster close the social divide”, HACT Digital Lead Michael McLaughlin says.

Using InCoax technology, you can get up to 2.5 Gbps broadband data speed on one coaxial network cable, providing up to 1 Gbps symmetrical data speed to each apartment (which is well above average use). Simply connect the operator´s incoming fiber to the InCoax Control unit and on to the premise’s existing coaxial network. Broadband connectivity is now available in the apartments using the InCoax modems connected to the cable outlets. Services are remotely defined and, with Zero Touch Provisioning, you are ready to go. Faster deployment, less problems, lower cost.

To quickly learn more on Fiber Access Extension, view this animation:

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