Fiber Extension Technology Offers Cost-Effective Option for Gigabit MDU Broadband

Service providers can ensure a high-quality broadband experience for MDU customers by turning their attention to home networks and reusing existing in-building infrastructure for broadband access.

The global pandemic forced people to move their working lives, education and daily communications into their homes. The importance of reliable, unfailing internet connectivity inside homes was made glaringly obvious. Operators no longer regard home networks as needless expenses. According to Broadband Forum and Omdia’s “The Future Telco – Connected Home 2021 Survey,” focusing on connected home investment will provide a superior broadband experience and quickly become a top priority for service providers.

By turning their attention to home networks and investing significantly more funds into equipment inside the home, operators can ensure a high-quality customer experience. Multiple-dwelling-unit (MDU) deployments have been the trickiest deployment environments in Europe and North America.

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