InCoax Networks AB communicates 2023 net sales are expected to exceed the financial target

InCoax observes a strong sales performance towards the end of 2023 and thereby communicates an update regarding the financial targets.

The 2023 net sales are expected to reach approximately 60 million SEK, reflecting growth of approximately 130 percent compared to 2022. The previously communicated net sales target for 2023 was an increase of 100 percent compared to 2022 (equivalent of approximately 52 million SEK).

Operators face a common challenge in connecting existing multi-dwelling units to their fiber and radio access networks, necessitating alternative and complementary solutions to FTTH. InCoax is well-positioned to address this demand with rapid, straightforward, and cost-effective system solutions for fiber and radio access extension. This trend, coupled with orders within the home network segment, has propelled sales growth, resulting in InCoax expecting to exceed the previously communicated financial target for 2023.

The figures are preliminary and not verified by the company’s auditor. Complete financial information will be presented in connection with the year-end report which will be released on March 8th 2024.

Learn more about InCoax and its MultiGigabit solutions here.

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