AngaCom – Light up your coax with light speed!

InCoax participated and presented In:xtnd™ at the AngaCom fair in Cologne 4-6 June

One of the most important fairs of this year, AngaCom in Cologne Germany, has just passed. The interest for InCoax product for Fiber Access Extension, In:xtnd™, has been immense. Since last year’s appearance the product is now field tested, fully commercialized and ready to be marketed and sold more broadly with a focus on our prioritized markets.

Two major targets were set for the fair. The first target was to scout for partners that could take In:xtnd to the final consumers, both in terms of selling and installing the system as well as assuming responsibility for the network and conducting service and maintenance. With the themes ”Light up your coax with fiber speed” and ”Coax < 3 Fiber” new contacts have been made and old relationships cemented. The feedback gotten from visitors has been very positive. Many experience hardships in reaching their ”last mile challenge” goals working with fiber extension alone. The possibility to offer fiber access extension through coax is a solution well sought for.

The second target, to get in contact with end users, was also successful. A large number of contacts has also been made, paving the way for new partners in achieving a good start in In:xtnd sales. With over 250 individual discussions we have confirmed a broad interest across multiple market segments.

Returning from AngaCom with a large number of new leads to follow up on, sets the sales force agenda for some time ahead and may very well be the starting point for the ”snowball effect” we have been working hard to achieve.

The InCoax team at AngaCom

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