Swedish operator Arkaden Bredband satisfied with in:xtnd™ installation

Rising demand for faster broadband and better TV image quality by tenants, was satisfied with in:xtnd and an upgraded variety of service options. Swedish Network Operator and Internet Service Provider, Arkaden Bredband, is continuing the roll-out of fiber access solutions and broadband services.

”Fiber access over coax is a great complement to increase the uptake rate of broadband home passes. On many occasions it is both cheaper and easier to use the existing coax cables. On some protected sites it is not possible to pull new cables effectively. Not to mention what we save in environmental impact by not scrapping old cables”; says Per Soderberg CEO of Arkaden Bredband AB.

”We have been working with InCoax for some years now, both with in:xtnd and its predecessor the InCoax 1900-system. I must say that we are very happy with both the systems and the excellent assistance we get from the InCoax staff”; Per continues.

The in:xtnd 4-channel control unit was connected to a fiber switch in the basement. 20 in:xtnd Access modems were installed in the apartments.

”Even though we only use a fraction of the 4-channel in:xtnd Control unit’s capacity, we still got superior economy over the alternatives. The installation ran very smoothly. We usually choose to do the Access Modem installations in the apartments ourselves, and that was also the case on this site, but the system is very easy so I’m confident that it would work to hand out the modems to the tenants to plug in themselves. In this case we could limit the work on site to half a day. We had one guy in the basement installing the in:xtnd Control unit and two guys installing the in:xtnd Access Modems in the apartments. Everything was up and running by noon”; Per says.

The upgrade of the system was driven by tenants’ demand for faster broadband. With the in:xtnd Manage provisioning system, Arkaden was able to tailor fit the speeds provided to each tenant’s need.

”We are using the in:xtnd Manage provisioning system. It works well for our purposes. We offer 100Mb/s as the basic speed option, but the tenants can choose 250, 500 or 1000Mb/s as well. Most tenants chose to switch to IP-TV at once and experienced instant enhanced image quality. The reluctant few that chose to wait with IP-TV, continued with the old cable-TV service but still got the enhanced broadband service. After being reassured that the IP-TV service provided was much better than the old one, they switched shortly after. The feedback we have gotten from a few of the tenants has been nothing but positive. The absence of feedback from the rest we interpret as great – that means that people are happy with what we deliver. I am sure of that we will work with InCoax and get the opportunity to implement the in:xtnd fiber access solution on many sites to come”; Per concludes.

“Arkaden’s successful implementation proves our in:xtnd solution and will serve as an important reference for other potential customers;” says Håkan Rusk, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer for InCoax.

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