InCoax Networks AB (publ) announces the appointed Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee is appointed and consists of Peter Agardh representing Saugatuck Invest AB, Anders Nilsson representing Norrlandspojkarna AB, Lars Berggren representing BLL Invest AB and Richard Tooby as Chairman of the Board.

The Nomination Committee shall prepare proposals on the following issues to be submitted to the AGM for resolution:

(a)  Chairman of the Annual General Meeting;

(b)  number of directors elected by the AGM;

(c)  the Chairman and other members elected by the Board of Directors;

(d)  fees and other remuneration to each of the Board members elected by the AGM and to members of the Board's committees (where applicable);

(e)  number of auditors;

(f)  auditors;

(g)  fees to auditors;

(h)  election of the nomination committee, alternatively a decision on the principles for appointing a nomination committee, and a decision on instructions for the nomination committee; and

(i)  remuneration to the members of the Nomination Committee (if applicable).

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