InCoax receives first US order from expansive fiber operator for lab trial on MoCA Access 2.5 platform

The goal for this lab trial is to test Gigabit symmetrical services with InCoax’s In:xtnd solution. Given successful lab evaluation, they will then enter into field trials followed by deployment in MDU buildings. The operator sees this opportunity as a more cost efficient and faster way to deploy their fiber strategy all the way to the subscriber home/office. Their aim is to reach MDU buildings which they can’t deploy with their current Fiber to LAN (data cable installation) deployment model for Gigabit services. Utilizing the InCoax solution will also speed up the deployment to subscribers which is important in times when more bandwidth is required, such as working from home.  

"This first US order from an expansive fiber operator for lab trial purposes is very encouraging, and may prove to be an important step for us to get a strong foothold on the US market. Their nationwide presence in major metropolitan areas, that have millions of residents in need of Gigabit internet services, looks very promising. We share their passion for problem-solving and commitment, so I have great hopes that this is a starting point for a long-term co-operation", said Helge Tiainen, Head of Product Management, Marketing & Sales, InCoax.

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