We are currently looking for service partners and resellers to help meeting the growing demand in the market which you are operating in. The timing is perfect. We are living in a society where gigabit broadband access and high quality of services are requested in many buildings and communities. For business purposes and daily activities.

Want to become a reseller?
Our Channel Partner Program enables highly-qualified service providers to sell, implement and support our powerful, market-leading product portfolio. The Channel Partner Program offers different partnership structures, including value-added resellers and service partners.

Benefits include

  • Highly competitive margins
  • Pre-qualified leads and referrals
  • Competitive and complementary solutions to existing product or service portfolio
  • Access to extensive training and support
  • Community cooperation


Validate and build your expertise in a specific geographical region or country while empowering customers to transform their businesses.

InCoax partner certification

1. Fill out the Channel Partner Application form.
2. After approval you will receive the partner agreement, based on the level you applied for. Accept the terms.
3. Create a marketing plan with support from our organization.
4. Education. You will receive sales and/or technical training material based on your partner level.

Levels of partnerships


Value Added Reseller (VAR)

A Value Added Reseller (VAR) does not only sell our products, but can also do installations, trainings and act as the first line of support for the customers in the specific geographical market. The VAR-level is the most beneficial of the Channel Partner Program. The typical VAR is a System Integrator with extensive regional knowledge about the Telco/Cabel Operator and/or hospitality market.


A reseller focuses on selling products within a specific geographical market. Advantageous is having an existing network of clients to approach and a brand that is connected to values such as quality, innovation and/or trustworthy. A reseller will have an expert role for all sales related questions concerning getting the signed order from the client.


Service Partner


A potential service partner is an experienced TV infrastructure installer. The Channel Partner Program will supply leads to do site inspections and installations in a geography. It may also include reselling products to your existing customer base. You will receive expert knowledge when it comes to the requirement needed for the TV-distribution network when installing in:xtnd.


An active and proud partner ready to conquer Poland

The Polish system integrator FCA recently signed a Value Added Reseller agreement with in:xtnd for the important Polish broadband market with more than six million flats.


“We wanted to differentiate our business by adding in:xtnd to our portfolio of solutions for in-building access networks. This is the very first one which is based on coaxial cables as a cost and time efficient complement”, says Krzysztof Rychlik, CEO of FCA.


Poland is a very competitive market with over 400 cable operators and internet service providers. Consequently, it is of significant interest to look for the ultimate solution to solve the Last mile challenge. An alternativ to DOCSIS 3.1 is high on the agenda.


“As such, we found in:xtnd to be the smartest and most cost-efficient solution. We are proud ambassadors and have already in-depth discussions with potiental customers in Poland. The interest level is high and the feedback we have received at conferences and exhibitions have been tremendous”, continues Krzysztof.


FCA was quick out of the starting blocks and did not waste any time. As soon as the application for partnership was approved, the system integrator ordered the in:xtnd StartKit to test the products in a local environment. Within a couple of weeks, lab tests and field trials were already ongoing.

“This is the very first one which is based on coaxial cables as a cost and time efficient complement.”

Krzysztof Rychlik, CEO of FCA.

”Many real-estate owners are not willing to do extensive refurbishments in the buildings. With in:xtnd, we can offer them a fast roll-out with minimal disturbances for the residents.”

Bertil Önnestam, CEO and owner of ELPA, a systems integrator and Value Added Reseller for InCoax in Sweden.