North American Tier 1 Operator and InCoax have successfully completed field trials

In accordance with the extended project agreement, the InCoax MoCA AccessTM technology for MultiGigabit broadband fiber access extension over coax, has successfully passed the field trials set up by the Tier 1 Operator. In the next step awaits further productization and commercialization of the solution which will commence in Q1, 2022.

After a successful initial evaluation of InCoax MoCA Access 2.5 platform, InCoax entered an extended project agreement with the North American Tier 1 operator, which was communicated in October 2020. InCoax solution has now successfully passed the field trials stated in the extended project agreement. This qualifies InCoax for the next steps which involves final development of hardware, software including provisioning system adaptation and commercialization of the solution.

”The conducted lab and field trials takes us one step further in the project agreement with this American Tier 1 operator. We are looking forward to the next step in the development process for a final commercially and performance wise highly competitive solution. This represents a significant business opportunity for InCoax”, says Jörgen Ekengren, CEO, InCoax.

InCoax MoCA Access 2.5 platform provides up to 2,5 Gbps capacity to single subscribers in a cost-efficient way and co-exists with other services like TV. InCoax solution is scalable to serve private homes, MDU´s and hotels. The solution provides a rich network feature-set and is compatible to operators existing management systems.

“Our solution allows the operator industry to provide MultiGigabit services to their customers to a very competitive cost. I have great expectations on the development of this project and the future commercial relationship with this operator, just as with other operators with similar use cases”, says Helge Tiainen, Head of Product Management, Marketing & Sales, InCoax.

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