MoCA Access is the way forward for operators

As more telecom operators are preparing for greater speeds to facilitate a MultiGigabit future, InCoax has advised that its fiber extension technology based on the Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA®) standard is the most viable alternative to Distribution Point Units (DPUs) for Fiber-to-the-Building (FTTB) deployments.

Successfully deployed by several operators, MoCA Access™ DPUs have the ability to support both Point-to-Point (P2P) and Point-to-Multipoint (P2MP) coaxial networks. The MoCA Access standard provides management capabilities and low latency with MultiGigabit speeds that can help telecom operators and internet service providers cost-effectively deploy their fiber extension networks. Using existing coaxial networks, MoCA Access ensures that operators do not have to re-cable the premises with fiber which therefore reduces costs and implementation times, with maintained performance. It also provides users with broadband access usually at the heart of the apartment, in the living room or bedroom media hub. Deploying other wired technologies such as, in or close to the building may improve data speeds, but it does not meet the MultiGigabit requirements. MoCA Access is considered the most future-proof alternative.

Broadband Forum released its TR-419 ‘Fiber Access Extension Over Existing Copper Infrastructure’ which addresses existing use cases with MoCA Access, and access technologies. This was based on its existing TR-301 which defines functionality for DPUs. The latest release facilitates the seamless switch to MoCA Access which is simplified by using the same functionality as TR-301, communicating with NETCONF protocol and using the YANG data models.

“Following the publication of Broadband Forum’s TR-419, it reaffirms our view that MoCA Access is the heir apparent to dated copper networks which no longer offer telecom providers the benefits they require,” said Helge Tiainen, Head of Marketing, Sales and Product Management at InCoax. “In reality, technology can only provide 300 Mbps over copper from the street cabinet. More operators are coming to the realization that deep fiber deployment is the future choice to facilitate seamless communications and MoCA Access is the MultiGigabit extension in-house technology for fiber-like services.”

TR-419 also provides telecom operators with an overview of Fiber To The Extension Point (FTTep) architectures and technologies they can use to offer fiber-like speeds and experience on any existing copper infrastructure where the installation of fiber to the end-users’ premises is not yet viable or economical. 

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