Join InCoax for the ‘Fiber To The economical point (FTTep) – Gigabit or MultiGigabit’ showcase at Broadband Forum’s State of Broadband Summit


Today’s Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) service providers have a problem to solve, just how can they deliver fast Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) to a large number of residencies efficiently? With new challenges such as rising costs, wiring infrastructure changes and contract requirements such as the rise of minimum take-up rates, telecom operators are trying to find ways to provide fiber connections to hundreds of people, and this can be achieved through Fiber-To-The-extension point (FTTep) technology.

Join InCoax as it explores the deployment challenges that MDU owners experience today. Topics of discussion will also include FTTH v FTTep CAPEX for Gigabit and MultiGigabit services and how FTTep coaxial cable solutions can offer more than the average twisted pair network can. The presentation will also introduce you to InCoax’s range of FTTep – PON extension and LAN/fiber extension products. InCoax will also explain how, when powered by Multimedia Over Coax Alliance (MoCA) technology, coaxial cables can provide multiple benefits that allow for a major return on investment (ROI) and a fast fiber service for large-scale MDUs.


InCoax Networks AB specializes in the innovation of existing in-building infrastructure for broadband access, with a focus of European and North American markets. Providing the next-generation MultiGigabit networking solutions to the world’s leading telecom and broadband service operators, InCoax delivers the latest, most advanced and cost-effective technology available to reach MultiGigabit connectivity, where fiber is either too expensive, labor-intensive or even impossible to install. Leading products include the InCoax DPUs, which provide reliable, cost-effective Gigabit or MultiGigabit speed broadband perfor-mance over the existing coaxial network.

The speaker for this presentation is InCoax’s Head of Product Management, Marketing and Sales Helge Tiainen, who co-founded InCoax in 2009.


InCoax will take the stage on day three of Broadband Forum’s ‘State of Broadband Summit’ on the ‘Fiber Access Reality and Future’ focus day. Helge Tiainen’s presentation will take place at 11:30am-12:30pm Eastern Daylight Time on Wednesday 12th May.

To learn more information about the event and its contributors, visit the Broadband Forum’s The State of Broadband Summit page.

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