in:xtnd updated with ZTP functionality

Now it is even easier and faster to deploy the in:xtnd!

InCoax introduces Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) functionality to the in:xtnd. This will make it both easier, faster and cost-effective to deploy new systems or add new devices. Automated provisioning deployment speeds up time spent on setting up the system, it reduces the risk of manual errors and costly on-site presence by staff.

  • Automates and simplifies provisioning of standard services  on site.
    (Close to ”Plug and Play” installation possible.)
  • Minimizes costly on-site presence
  • Reduces requirement on configuration skill for on-site staff
  • Enhances support for standardized configuration and reduces risk of manual errors
  • Enhances support for centralized configuration, implementation and operation

InCoax also introduces support for TR-69 protocol (CWMP) with TR-98 data model. This will make the new ZTP functionality available through any standard ACS server and not only through the Manage MA2.5 software (CLM). Those added features together with the existing and now extended SOAP XML support provides a number of possible Management Use Cases.

New functionality  & bug fixes

The new functionality is available through the new Control v.1.8 software and the Manage MA2.5 v.2.12 software. The software updates are fully compatible with already deployed systems and the new ZTP functionality can be chosen to be used or not. One other benefit of upgrading to the new software is that it also contains bug fixes that will enhance the performance of your current systems.

More info & Contact

To learn more about the update and how to access the new software, reach out to your InCoax sales contact. For technical questions, please contact

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