InCoax takes position on the MoCA Alliance board

Since 2014, InCoax has been a Contributor member of MoCA Alliance – the international consortium publishing specifications for coaxial cable networks.

During 2017, InCoax has, through Mr. Helge Tiainen, chaired the MoCA Access Work Group. Due to this work, InCoax, as from today, has been elevated to Promoter member, which means, among other things, that InCoax takes place on the board of the MoCA Alliance.

Below and here you will find the press release issued earlier today by the MoCA Alliance.

InCoax Networks AB, of Gävle, Sweden has been elevated to Promoter membership status within MoCA.  As a Promoter member, InCoax will also take a position on the MoCA Board of Directors.

InCoax designs, manufactures and markets networking equipment using the MoCA 2.5 Access specification targeting pay TV, Internet service providers and commercial integrators in Europe and Canada.

“InCoax was invited to become a Promoter member because of their contribution to the development of MoCA Access. Their leadership as chair of the MoCA Access Work Group was a significant factor in our Board’s consideration.  InCoax’ knowledge of and deep relationships with operators throughout Europe are of great benefit as we secure trials and adoption of MoCA Access,” said Charlies Cerino, MoCA President.

InCoax had previously been a Contributor member, and has helped generate interest and trials among operator in Europe and North America for MoCA Access.

Promoter membership is by invitation only and subject to a vote by the MoCA Board. The vote was unanimously in favor of InCoax becoming a Promoter member.

“We are honored by the strong support for InCoax by the MoCA board and are committed to making MoCA 2.5 Access a success,” said Peter Carlsson, CEO of InCoax.

About MoCA®
MoCA® technology is the fastest and most reliable in-home backbone for Wi-Fi®–as proven by numerous field tests–and has been adopted by cable, telco/IPTV and satellite operators worldwide.  MoCA 2.0 offers actual data rates of up to 1 Gbps. MoCA 2.5 offers actual data rates up to 2.5 Gbps in addition to a variety of network management and security features.

MoCA Access™ is a fiber extension technology based on the MoCA 2.5 specification and is intended for MDUs, hotels and resorts, and any building with existing coaxial cabling.  The Alliance has 223 certified products and 35 members worldwide. Visit  for more information.

For more information:
Peter Carlsson, CEO, InCoax Networks AB

Rob Gelphman, VP, Marketing and Member Relations MoCA®

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