InCoax receives field trial order from expansive US Fiber/LAN operator on MoCA Access 2.5 platform

After having performed successful lab trials of InCoax´s MoCA Access 2.5 platform, an expansive US Fiber/LAN operator with presence in 10+ metropolitan areas nationwide, has decided to place a field trial order for deployment in MDU buildings to evaluate deployment process and subscriber perceived performance. The order is worth SEK 210,000 and will be delivered in June.

Given successful results from the field trial deployments, we anticipate that this US based Fiber/LAN operator intends to expand the deployment into a nationwide commercial roll-out starting in the fall of 2020. InCoax MoCA Access 2.5 platform serves as a cost efficient and faster alternative fiber deployment strategy all the way to the subscriber. Utilizing InCoax´s solution will enable accelerated deployment to subscribers and shorten the time to revenue for the operator.

“Lab trials performed very well and we have installed our Element Management platform in preparation for the field trials management. This order is very encouraging and may prove to be an important step for us to get a strong foothold on the US market. We share their passion for problem-solving and commitment, so I have great hopes that this is a starting point for a long-term commercial co-operation”, said Helge Tiainen, Head of Product Management, Marketing & Sales, InCoax.

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In:xtnd is EASY to install as it uses the existing coax cable infrastructure for fiber access extension. Its plug-in Access modems allows for tenant’s self-installment. It may be rolled out in stages and ensures minimal operational disturbances. In:xtnd is FAST, allowing 2.5 Gbps data traffic on each channel, almost as fast upstream as downstream (symmetrical). Using existing cable infrastructure makes in:xtnd the SMART and environmentally friendly choice. Fast and easy deployment allows for higher subscriber uptake with short time to revenue. For more information about our products, visit

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InCoax Networks AB (publ) is innovating the future of broadband access. In:xtnd™ provides the next-generation smart and sustainable networking solutions to the world’s leading telecom and broadband service providers. To keep updated on corporate information, visit Augment Partners AB, tel. +46 8-505 651 72, is acting as the company’s Certified Adviser.

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