InCoax receives an additional 3,2 MSEK order from US Fiber/LAN Operator

After the first wave of successful commercial installations in San Diego, Denver and Miami in Q4 2020, the US based Fiber/LAN Operator has decided to expand installations to  Chicago, Seattle, Austin, Nashville, and San Francisco, adding to  the ongoing roll-out in the initial metropolitan areas. InCoax will thus during Q1 2021 have ongoing rollouts in eight major US metropolitan areas with growth potential. The order will be supplied and invoiced during Q1 2021.

The Operator is active in more than 10 metropolitan areas in the US and currently has approximately half a million subscribers.

This follow-on order with extended market reach reaffirms our trust in the technology and that the strategy taken is the right one. The need for effective and cost-efficient “last mile” in-building reach is huge and will continue to be so for years to come, as the demand for Gigabit broadband services is rising. InCoax is well positioned relative to other technologies to meet performance, cost or access criteria”, says Jörgen Ekengren, CEO, InCoax Networks.

”This order is an important step forward to build recurring sales volumes, which are essential for production planning and future deliveries. We are very optimistic for future US sales and enhanced market penetration”, says Helge Tiainen, Head of Product Management, Marketing & Sales, InCoax Networks.

The InCoax MoCA Access 2.5 platform is a cost-effective and fast way compared to Fiber/LAN to execute the fiber deployment strategy all the way to the consumer. Implementing the InCoax solution accelerates addressable number of subscribers and shortens the time for increased revenue for the operator.

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