InCoax receives additional order of USD 0.9 million (SEK 9.4 million) from the US based Fiber/LAN operator.

InCoax has won an additional order from the US based Fiber/LAN operator to add to the 3.1M USD order already placed for 2023 for the purchase of InCoax system for fiber extension. The order amounts to USD 0.9 million (SEK 9.4 million) and will be delivered and invoiced during the second half of 2023.

InCoax and the operator are adding to the earlier order for 2023 to ensure the expansion that the operator intends to carry out with the InCoax solution. This has resulted in an order that ensures availability of products for the 2023.

“In a period of Global turmoil and uncertainties, it is reassuring to see the increased order intake from the operator. Securing this order is a good sign of the operator’s focus and intent to continue the expansion on the American broadband market with our system solution”, says Andreas Bergman, Head of Sales of InCoax Networks AB.

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