InCoax Networks AB’s Interim Report, January – March 2019

Order in the US for SEK 1.26 million during the quarter and three new orders in Europe after the end of the quarter.

Financial performance January–March 2019

● Net sales amounted to SEK 958,386 (381,153), which is equivalent to an increase of 151% compared with the corresponding period in the preceding year.
● The company posted an operating loss of SEK –14,805,760 (–8,716,403), a reduction driven primarily by organizational growth.
● The loss after tax was SEK –14,848,232 (–8,719,096), corresponding to earnings per share of SEK –1.20 (–1.44).
● Cash flow including financing activities during the quarter was SEK –794,774 (–512,301).

Significant events during the quarter

● Håkan Rusk appointed Chief Sales and Marketing Officer.
● Honored by the Lightwave Innovation Review Program for the new In:xtnd™ product family.
● Order received for an evaluation study from a company in the building materials industry in the US, with an order value of USD 137,000 (SEK 1.26 million).
● Directed share issue of SEK 38 million, with the proceeds received in the second quarter.
● Helge Tiainen elected to represent InCoax on the Board of Directors of the Broadband Forum (BBF).
● In:xtnd™ approved for commercial sales in Europe.
● Presentation of In:xtnd™ at the Fiberdays19 trade fair in Wiesbaden and Gigabit Access in Cologne.

Significant events after the end of the quarter

● First In:xtnd™ order in Germany, worth EUR 22,500.
● First In:xtnd™ order in Switzerland, worth EUR 12,600.
● Additional order from customer in the Netherlands, worth EUR 7,300.

See the attached interim report in its entirety.

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Marie Svensson, CFO,, (+46) (0) 26-420 90 42.

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