InCoax enters the polish market with support from the Polish system integrator FCA

The Polish system integrator FCA ( enters into a Value Added Reseller agreement with InCoax for the important Polish broadband market with more than six million flats.

FCA has over 25 years of experience working with the most prominent telecommunications operators on the local and neighboring markets. FCA is one of the largest technology integrators in the field of fibre-optic systems, used to build optic transmission systems in Poland. Thanks to the cooperation with the largest producers of telecommunications solutions in the world, FCA provides the most up to date systems and solutions for its clients. With an extensive network of local offices and good reputation, FCA has for the last years grown its business extensively and received numerous Gazelle of Business awards amongst many other awards, certificates and honors.

FCA will now add In:xtnd to its portfolio of solutions for inbuilding access networks, the very first one which is based on coaxial cables as a cost and time efficient complement. This is something the over 400 cable companies and internet service providers in Poland have been looking for; a way to solve the last mile challenge.

“According to the latest Report on the state of the telecommunications market in Poland in 2018, provided by the Office of Electronic Communications (UKE) – regulatory authority responsible for telecommunications and postal activities and frequency resources management, we see a clear trend that the Polish telco market is growing. In 2018, the value of the Polish Internet Access market exceeded $ 1.4 billion with over 15.8 million Internet access users, which is almost a 10% increase over the previous year. The development of the broadband Internet access market is connected not only with the growing needs of end users but also with emerging new technologies and business directions such as industry 4.0, IoT and Smart Cities. We strongly believe that the InCoax solutions based on the new MoCA Access 2.5 technology will perfectly meet the requirements of our market,” says Krzysztof Rychlik, CEO of FCA.

“We are delighted to partner up with an experienced and competent partner like FCA. The Polish market is maturing and growing fast with a lot of exciting mutual opportunities. Together with FCA we will be able to address these opportunities and support the increasing demand for cost-efficient gigabit solutions like In:xtnd,” says Håkan Rusk, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer for InCoax.                          

About In:xtnd
In:xtnd is EASY to install as it uses the existing coax cable infrastructure for fiber access extension. Its plug-in Access modems allows for tenant’s self installment. It may be rolled out in stages and ensures minimal operational disturbances. In:xtnd is FAST, allowing 2.5 Gbps data traffic on each channel, almost as fast upstream as downstream (symmetrical). Using existing cable infrastructure makes in:xtnd the SMART and environmentally friendly choice. Fast and easy deployment allows for higher subscriber uptake with short time to revenue.

For more information:
Peter Carlsson, CEO, InCoax Networks AB                                                                      
+46 70-8563427

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