InCoax enters into a reseller agreement for In:xtnd with Swedish ELPA TV & Bredbandsteknik AB

The Swedish systems integrator ELPA TV & Bredbandsteknik AB enters into a value added reseller agreement for In:xtnd with InCoax for the Swedish broadband market.

ELPA TV & Bredbandsteknik AB has a comprehensive range of services and products in antenna / cable TV, video, fiber and broadband. ELPA has been active in the industry for over 40 years but has constantly evolved in line with the technology. ELPA have about 15 employees and is a leading company in fiber networks, antenna / cable and broadband technology in the Stockholm region.

With the new collaboration, ELPA includes In:xtnd™ in its portfolio of solutions for broadband networks within buildings. Through this, ELPA can offer a sought-after a cost and time-efficient complement to fiber networks based on existing coaxial cables. With ELPA’s long experience from the market and extensive network of local real-estate owners and condominium associations, In:xtnd can now be rolled out in the entire Greater Stockholm area including Mälardalen.

“Many real-estate owners are not willing to do extensive refurbishments in the buildings. With In:xtnd, we can offer them a fast roll-out with minimal disturbances for the residents. They can keep existing TV-services or move over to IP-TV and get faster broadband accesses with up to 1 Gbps. ELPA will be there during the entire lifecycle, from first installation to continuous support to the residents along the way. We see a great interest for this type of cost-efficient solutions,” says Bertil Önnestam, CEO and owner of ELPA.

“We are delighted to partner up with an experienced and competent partner like ELPA. We have seen a great interest from many real-estate owners and condominium associations in Mälardalen who have not yet upgraded their inbuilding network. With ELPA’s long experience of TV-distribution and broadband technology, we will now be able to offer a safe and reliable installation with local technical support. We are planning multiple marketing activities together with ELPA and other partners in the months to come,” says Håkan Rusk, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer for InCoax.

About In:xtnd
In:xtnd is EASY to install as it uses the existing coax cable infrastructure for fiber access extension. Its plug-in Access modems allows for tenant’s self installment. It may be rolled out in stages and ensures minimal operational disturbances. In:xtnd is FAST, allowing 2.5 Gbps data traffic on each channel, almost as fast upstream as downstream (symmetrical). Using existing cable infrastructure makes in:xtnd the SMART and environmentally friendly choice. Fast and easy deployment allows for higher subscriber uptake with short time to revenue.

For more information:
Peter Carlsson, CEO, InCoax Networks AB
+46 70-8563427

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