InCoax delivers high-performance gigabit connectivity to apartments in Finland, replacing current DOCSIS 3.1 services

More than 500 apartments in housing complexes in Finland can now access fast and affordable broadband thanks to the partnership between InCoax Networks and Finnish network operator Pohjois-Satakunnan Seutuverkko (PSSV).

PSSV deployed InCoax’s MoCA® Access 2.5 technology to provide symmetrical gigabit broadband – with the option of reaching multi-gigabit speeds – to tenants living in apartments in Kankaanpää, Finland. By extending its fiber network to each building and reusing the existing coaxial network, previously used for cable-TV, PSSV could provide a fiber-like broadband performance to individual tenants residing in the Multi-Dwelling Unit.

“We are delighted to provide tenants at Kankaanpään Asunnonhankinta with affordable broadband that supports their day-to-day activities, including home working and education,” said InCoax’s Business Development Director Helge Tiainen. “PSSV has been able to increase the services delivered with InCoax’s cost-effective and easy to deploy technology, which has also enabled the network operator to introduce more competitive pricing.”

The partnership has more than halved the price of TV and broadband services packages for tenants, which now start from €6 per month in comparison to the previous start price of €12.95 per month. The initial take-up rate prior to deployment was only 13% of the complex’s apartments. However, the return on investment (ROI) can be reached within the first year of deployment if 25% of customers sign up for the new broadband offering from PSSV, which will be achieved according to PSSV’s estimates.

Located in Kankaanpää, a town and municipality of Finland, the complex consists of 545 apartments. PSSV’s fiber network covers five municipal areas in the Western part of Finland and is the only local operator in the region.

“Fast and reliable broadband is now a requirement everywhere and it is vital that tenants’ broadband experience is prioritized. InCoax’s technology and technical support has laid the foundations for us to continue to promote digital inclusion and provide widespread connectivity for homes in Finland,” said Jukka Ehto, CEO at PSSV.

The technology’s cost-effectiveness and non-intrusive nature enables a proactive deployment process for network operators. It can be deployed even if a limited number of tenants purchase the package of services available. This means that additional apartments in the complex can be quickly and easily integrated onto the network once they sign onto the new broadband package.

InCoax’s MoCA Access 2.5 technology offers multi-gigabit speeds of up to 2.5 Gbps and has the potential to provide up to 10 Gbps in the near future.

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