The Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) is an industry standard alliance developing technology to and for the connected home. MoCA technology runs over the existing coaxial cabling, and is the in-home backbone for Wi-Fi®. MoCA Access™ is a further development of the in-home technology to provide connectivity to the home.

The Alliance has more than 200 certified products and 27 members, including service providers, OEMs, CE manufacturers and IC vendors.

MoCA Access™

Leveraging its inherent strengths in high performance and high reliability, the Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) is introducing MoCA Access™; a new broadband access specification, based on the MoCA 2.5 in-home standard, which is capable of 2.5 Gbps actual data rates and leverages the existing in-building coaxial cabling.

MoCA Access is point-to-multipoint serving up to 63 modems (clients). It is designed to co-exist with legacy services such as TV, DOCSIS, and cellular (4G/5G) technologies. The operating frequency range is 400MHz - 1675MHz.

Latency is less than 5ms. Throughput is up to 2.5 Gbps downstream and 2 Gbps upstream.

MoCA Access is a viable solution for numerous market segments addressing network access. For instance:

  • Broadband Operators driving fiber deep into the network or to the building (FTTB) and want to leverage existing wiring without sacrificing performance.
  • Cable-TV operators who already have Fiber available and want to offer symmetrical services and high guaranteed capacity which today’s Cable-TV DOCSIS cannot provide
  • ISPs building fiber-based networks that terminate the optical signal in the basement and use the existing coaxial cabling to reach each unit or apartment that addresses the market now.
  • Mobile operators deploying 4G / 5G / Wi-Fi in residential areas and need Backhaul capacity to apartments without installing new cables
  • Commercial integrators designing and installing networks in hospitality, restaurants, offices and any other buildings that have coaxial cabling already installed.

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