Taking advantage of un-used capacity

IP over Coax is the first access generation based on MoCA technology providing 100Mbps services. It is vendor specific technology and therefore not standardized. Operators have requested a MoCA-based access standard due to its inherent strengths in high performance and high reliability. 

MoCA Access is designed to be able to co-exist with existing terrestrial-TV, cable-TV or mobile services. The technology facilitates Internet access by utilizing the previously un-used frequency spectrum above the regular TV spectrum. Existing coaxial cables have the capacity to enable Gigabit internet access, IPTV, VoIP and Web-TV services without the need to install new cables.

Installation is amazingly simple!

  • Check your current passive coaxial network components frequency range
  • If so required, upgrade the passive components to a spectrum of 5-2400 MHz
  • Install the Coax Link Controller (CLC) after the TV-amplifier (normally found in the basement or on the loft)
  • Connect a Coax Access Modem (CAM) to any antenna outlet
  • When done, watch TV and go online!