Regent Berlin decided to introduce IPTV, Infotainment and room Wi-Fi system to offer a wider range of TV programs, increase room service and improve room Wi-Fi coverage and thereby replace existing TV services. 

With many international travelers, the existing TV services needed to be increased with more international channels. As the property has cast concrete walls, the Wi-Fi coverage isn’t good enough in the hotel room to satisfy today's business travelers with multiple Wi-Fi devices. The goal was to improve in room communication by introducing new services to the hotel guest to distinguish from other business hotels.

The hotel has 193 rooms and 253 IPTV sets, suits have 2 or 3 IPTV sets. Many rooms have also access points for high speed internet and an infotainment system to inform the guest. Each room has in room Wi-Fi to ensure connectivity to all personal devices. HD IPTV streams of up to 15Mbps.

Room Access points and coax modems are remotely managed by service provider. Six Head-End units, Coax Link Controller, are installed on floor 2 and 6 in south and north building to provide sufficient IP capacity to all rooms.