The tenant association BRF Metern has 224 apartments located in Stockholm. It’s a one building facility and it was built in 1925. Today, it attracts young people. Small apartments attract young people who demand sustainable Internet for gaming which cable operator can’t provide on high traffic hours, as operator only provides Docsis 3.0 services.

BRF Metern decided to have InCoax IP over Coax to provide higher sustained capacity. The building has municipal dark fiber from STOKAB and Internet is provided through ISP. From central fiber switch has a local fiber network been installed at seven TV amplifier locations.

Seven Head-End units Coax Link Controllers are installed in basement to provide IP connectivity to 32 apartments offering 100/100Mbps traffic.

For Brownfield MDU deployment the FTTdp will be in the basement of the building to meet the requirement of sustained capacity. In this case, 32 subscribers share a capacity of 1Gbps compared to DOCSIS where typically 200 subscribers share 400Mbps.

IP over Coax has several benefits, compared to other access alternatives as CAT5/6, DSL or DOCSIS. It uses free spectrum capacity in existing coaxial cables and reaches the living room at the point where TV-set is installed. As more and more TV sets are Smart-TV InCoax approach support the Internet TV revolution.