Media consumption has changed, and ordinary television is no longer linear, but online. The viewer decides what to watch, and when to watch it.

Mobile devices are now part of travelers’ everyday life and many travelers are now using the laptop, PC, smartphone and PAD’s. It’s not one device per person either. As more and more users leverage their mobile devices for entertainment, stream movies as Netflix, or make video phone calls, the existing Access Points installed in hallways can’t provide connectivity to hand held devices.

IP over Coax has several benefits, compared to other access alternatives as CAT5/6, DSL or DOCSIS. It uses free spectrum capacity in existing coaxial cables and reaches the hotel room at the point where TV-set is installed. InCoax room Wi-Fi over Coax is also future-proof since the coaxial cables has capacity to deliver Gigabit and can be used with any type of access point.