The In:xtnd Manage is an advanced element manager with features for In:xtnd Control deployment, service-based In:xtnd Access deployment, control and supervision of the coax link conditions. In:xtnd Manage includes essential functions for carrier class service provisioning and network management.

Key Benefits

  • Automatic element deployment
  • Advanced service and policy management
  • XML-SOAP interface for fast and easy thirdparty OSS/BSS integration
  • Wide range of network statistics

Wide range of functions

In:xtnd Manage provides a wide range of functions, covering the tasks associated with deployment of In:xtnd Control service network parameters, coaxial network settings and control features as coax link performance and quality to each connected modem. Service policies defined in In:xtnd Manage are dynamically applied and enforced in the coax network by the In:xtnd Control and to each In:xtnd Access modem. The In:xtnd Manage generates information for trouble shooting and network statistics.