With In:xtnd™, cable operators can now deliver gigabit broadband access and high quality of service (QoS) at a fraction of the cost of fiber and DOCSIS 3.1. No new wiring needs to be installed as it uses the existing coaxial cabling, hence shortening installation time and time to revenue. By using existing coaxial cabling In:xtnd™ also makes the environmentally sustainable alternative.

Cable MSOs and broadband providers, as well as commercial integrators installing networks in hospitality, restaurants, offices and other buildings, can use In:xtnd as their fiber extension implementation for FTTB using the existing coax to each apartment, room or office. It is also ideal for mobile operators looking to add wired backhaul capacity to apartment blocks for 4G/5G fixed mobile convergence.

The In:xtnd product family comprises:

In:xtnd™ | Control I MA 2.5 4 which is a broadband over coax access node, capable of 2.5 Gbps per RF-port, a total of 10 Gbps. In:xtnd Control communicates with In:xtnd Access and is based on the MoCA Access 2.5 standard. The In:xtnd Control 4-port supports up to 124 In:xtnd Access modems.

In:xtnd Control

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In:xtnd™ | Access I MA 2.5 2 Eth which is a cost-efficient coax to ethernet media converter providing 2x1 Gbps. In:xtnd Access 2 Ethernet communicates with the In:xtnd Control 4-port and is based on the MoCA Access™ 2.5 standard.

In:xtnd Access

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In:xtnd™ | Manage I MA 2.5 which is an advanced element manager with features for In:xtnd Control deployment, control and supervision of the coax link conditions. In:xtnd Manage includes essential functions for carrier-class service provisioning and network management.

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In:xtnd™ | Combine I MA 2.5 which is frequency multiplexer-demultiplexer coax filters that combine TV frequencies and data in the existing coaxial cabling.

In:xtnd Combine