InCoax receives an order of 1.8 million USD (19.9 million SEK) from the US-based FiberLAN operator

The close collaboration between InCoax and the operator continues to evolve and expected volumes for 2024 are beginning to take shape. InCoax will continue to play a crucial role in the operator’s expansion plans for fiber and Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) broadband services. This has resulted in an order that ensures product availability in the first part of 2024.

The collaboration between the FiberLAN operator and InCoax is characterized by strong trust, evident in their continuous orders. InCoax’s system solution has established itself as a reliable technology, supporting the FiberLAN operator’s aggressive expansion strategy to offer Multigigabit services in 32 areas, including several metropolitan areas in the USA. The collaboration with the FiberLAN operator continues successfully, and InCoax plays a vital role in supporting their extensive growth„, says Andreas Bergman, Head of Sales at InCoax Networks AB.

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