BBF Marketing Report MR-419 praises MoCA

The Broadband Forum just released its Marketing Report MR-419 on Utilizing Existing Copper Infrastructure for Deployment of Fiber-grade Services, based on its newly released corresponding Technical Report TR-419. Below you will find the Executive Summary from the report.

Executive Summary from the report
The Marketing Report answers five key questions for the recently published Technical Report TR-419 Fiber Access Extension over Existing Copper Infrastructure.

Fiber To The extension point (FTTep) provides service providers an architecture to deploy fiber services cost effectively.

This architecture consists of a network where the fiber is extended by using a copper medium without causing significant degradation in Quality Of Experience (QoE) compared to the Fiber To The Home (FTTH) topology.

This is a more economical way of deploying than possible with fiber networks only, by integrating complementary copper technologies such as Gfast, MoCA Access, or Access, and reusing the existing phoneline and coaxial cable infrastructure, minimizing construction work.

FTTep can also be referred to as Fiber To The most economical point.

The Broadband Forum has published TR-419, which describes the main features and principals of the Fiber To The extension point architecture and the various deployment and migration options.

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