IP over Coax (IPoC) is the first access generation based on MoCA technology providing 100Mbps services. It is vendor specific technology and therefore not standardized. The central unit of the IPoC system is one or more Coax Link Controller(s) (CLC), which converts the data signal from the incoming fiber to a RF signal connected to the in-building coaxial cable system.

The CLC is installed at the location of the buildings TV amplifier. The CLC RF signal is connected to the in-building passive coaxial network through Diplexer Filter (CDF), which combines it with the analogue / digital TV signal (frequency spectrum 5-862 MHz) if existing TV services shall be kept. CLC communicates with Coaxial Access Modems (CAM) connected to any antenna outlets in the building.

The CAM separates the TV and data signals and converts the latter to 100Mbps Ethernet. The system is controlled and monitored by the Coax Link Manager (CLM), usually installed at the operator's Network Operational Centre (NOC).